Famous author rejections
The infographic on famous author rejections presents some difficult and gruesome journeys of the best-selling authors to inspire young people not to fear. Read more
Apr 12th 2016

Good hooks for essays

More often people make a mistake of thinking that an essay must be a formal writing. Well, in some niches the formality must be adhered to. However, in order for you to express your creativity and thoughts, it's of paramount importance to loosen up a bit. There are known ways to do this and the best way is by use of hooks. Read more
As much as people always strive to write a compelling introduction, it is important to also know that conclusions are equally paramount to a coherent paper. So much is at stake while writing a conclusion because it is your last chance to convince your reader about your analytical point of view. It also serves as a way to impress your readers and present yourself as critical thinker and an avid writer. Read more
Nov 24th 2015

Greatest book covers

A great book cover is one of the most important item in designing. Look at the infographic with great book covers of our favorite books. Read more
Common Business School Essay Writing Mistakes
When completing your business school essays, it is important to remember that your words—not your marks—will often separate you from the rest of the candidates. That makes it all the more important to avoid mistakes that could cost you the chance to be admitted into your dream school. Read more
Using Essay Samples To Generate Your Own Research
Essay samples can be found for just about any topic to lend you a helping hand with your own essay; however, have you ever thought about using essay samples to generate your own research? Read more
What Is Expressive Writing?
Expressive writing is personal writing about your deepest thoughts and feelings without regard to form or other conventions such as spelling, punctuation and grammar. Read more
College Degree
To go to college, or not go to college—that is the question. Just like in the game of Life you have to choose between career and college. Unlike the game, you can always choose college later in life. Read more
Essay About Myself
So you are a writer . . . and sometimes when you are on your game, the words flow freely as if a dam just broke. Then there are other times when you cannot write. Read more